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Older Adult Martial Arts in Chantilly

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Seasoned & Mature – Show your Leadership

Don't let age slow you down or hold you back. At Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center, we're offering a revolutionary Older Adults Martial Arts program in Chantilly.

No matter what your fitness history looks like or what challenges you face when it comes to movement and exercise, we're excited to help you stay active and challenge yourself every day.

Our Executive Karate classes for ages 50 and up promote balance, strength, and even foundational self-defense skills. Just click the button below to get started today!

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What Can You Expect In Our 50 and Up Martial Arts Class?

Time to focus on your own physical and mental wellbeing. We promise to make your health and wellbeing our top priority - physically, mentally, and emotionally. And we'll help you to do the same. You’ll get moving without even thinking about it and share a real sense of purpose within a solid social network. You’ll learn to meditate, shed stress, and embrace wellness.

Come learn the “secrets” to emulate the people of Okinawa, a world “Blue Zone,” where people live longest and are the healthiest. Okinawa is recognized as the “Birthplace of Karate.” It is not unusual to see seniors, especially those who have/are studying karate, to walk down the street perfectly upright and still showing the youthful swale in their lower back. Karate classes with Master Folta are your key to greater longevity, avoid becoming sickly, and to thrive in a happy, loving community.

At the OKCC, we’re about coming together and nourishing ourselves - our bodies, our minds, and our relationships with each other. Karate is taught in Okinawa as a life skill. Master Folta is a vault of knowledge and understanding of how this life skill can manifest in a better life for you and your loved ones. Much of his past is unsealed to his students. It is fascinating how the history, culture, traditions, and heritage from his many years living in, training in, and visiting in Okinawa is woven to the doorstep of the Chantilly Dojo. Just as an example, Master Folta says, “Sleep is not sleep. It is a sacred time for repairing and rebuilding the body and the mind.”

Stay Healthy & Well - in your senior years!

Life in an Okinawa karate dojo is more a family than just a gym, and that’s what we strive for at the OKCC. Our school is interlaced with Okinawa culture, and karate is an integral part of the Okinawa culture. Okinawa is recognized as the “Birthplace of Karate.” It is commonly said the key to Okinawa culture is the Okinawa heart – kind, committed, and strong.

Karate training is coupled with lifesaving skills such as proper eating, sleeping, strength, balance, and meditation practice that leads to healthy wellbeing. Self-defense consists of making the time to learn and understand good solid fundamental movement (kinesiology) and techniques as well a body conditioning and development. From a common student to a typical worker, to a loving mom or dad, to a high paid executive, nobody wants to get hurt. So, safety is paramount and gradual strengthening is encouraged.

You will learn to:
  • Know when and how to say “No” and mean it.
  • Learn how you build hope when you say “Yes” and tell somebody you will do something, and how you build trust when you do it.
  • Make your body healthy.
  • Make your mind strong.
  • Make your spirit faithful.

Check It Out Today! Our Older Adults Martial Arts Classes Are Conveniently Located in Chantilly!

If you're looking for a great way to stay active and train alongside a great group of new friends, we've got the answer at Okinawa Karate and Cultural Center.

Our Older Adults Martial Arts Classes are perfect for all ages and physical abilities. Just click the button below to learn more or to get started today!

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